NeurOptics® is the leader in the science of pupillometry. Driven by a passion to help clinicians improve patient outcomes. Researchers in many fields have long used pupillometry to measure the functioning of the autonomic nervous system, measure the metabolism of drugs, detect drug impairment and fatigue, and many other applications in both humans and animals. NeurOptics makes pupillometers which are important research tools for researchers in the areas listed below and many others: Anesthesiology and Pain Autonomic Neuroscience Defense and Space Drug Impairment Drug Addiction Endocrinology/Diabetes Gastroenterology Geriatrics Nutrition Otolaryngology Pharmacology Physical Therapy/Chiropractic Psychiatry Refractive Surgery/LASIK Rheumatology Sleep Science (fatigue, sleep disorders) NeurOptics has representatives in over 24 countries worldwide.


Laguna Hills, California
United States

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